Noting the absence of a dedicated think-tank to deliberate on all facets of complex and inter-connected challenges to internal peace and stability, the Foundation has decided to focus, for the time being, on these dimensions in a holistic manner. Since these challenges are interconnected, no single stakeholder can possibly deal with the situation in isolation from each other. The Foundation proposes to adopt a conscious approach involving multiple stakeholders including the Civil Society to explore options for an integrated policy framework that is oriented towards convergence efforts and tangible outcome. It is in this context, the Foundation aims to

  • evolve as one-stop destination of Internal Security Management studies and function as a bridge between the practitioners, academia and civil society;
  • work towards spreading awareness on the issue national security with a focus on internal peace and stability, assisting in capacity building on such issues in the relevant quarters and promoting over all resilience to strengthen national security; and
  • work in collaboration with other likeminded and specialized organisations both in academic studies, field research and wherever necessary , participate with grassroots levels organizations in pilot projects.

In pursuance of this vision, the Foundation encourages in-depth multi-disciplinary studies. The aim is to promote a coalescing of expertise and knowledge for developing/promoting connecting principles, complementary sectorial goals of an overall strategy. This also requires identifying available resources and leverages as well as identifying obstacles to be negotiated. The PPF, for this purpose, shall engage with the academia, professional practitioners and civil society on the one hand and with numerous stakeholders in a quest for pragmatic solutions, on the other. The PPF has already identified several areas of study on our own. The Foundation will also undertake studies etc. on behalf of the Government and no-Government agencies both independently and/or in collaboration with other organisations.


The objective of the PPF includes supporting and stimulating objective and well researched debates on all matters of national interest; generating sensitivity and awareness in the civil society, media, academic groups, think-tanks, decision makers, legislators etc. on current and potential problems affecting vital national interests; undertaking in-depth studies and analyses of issues, either on its own or on behalf of any governmental of non-governmental organisation.